Plans of Reorganization

Quest develops the business aspects of the Plan of Reorganization in conjunction with debtors counsel and negotiates with the various constituents as required to Confirm the Plan. This allows for the company to emerge with an appropriate capital structure and a plan that will ensure a high chance of long-term operating success.

Viable major activities include:

 • Reviewing indentures, credit agreements, lease financing agreements, inter-creditor

   agreements, covenants, blocking rights and local insolvency laws


• Developing strategies for negotiation in consultation with client's legal counsel

• Developing market sense through conversations with distressed debt investors, banks and capital

  markets analysts

• Preparing or validating detailed cash flow forecasts over a multiple-year period

• Testing viability of new capital structure

• Retaining and managing activities of independent appraisers, business valuation consultants,

   liquidators and administrators


 • Taking positions as directors of companies to help manage the re-organization process when


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