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Robert Allen

Robert Allen is a Senior Advisor to Quest and also the Managing Director of Redding Consultants.  His experience combines extensive line management with over twenty years of consulting with McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Redding Consultants.


His line experience includes having been Senior Vice President of Emery Worldwide (overnight airfreight) where he had responsibility for all their international operations, as well as all U.S. sales and marketing.  He was also Chief Marketing Officer of Genesco, Inc. (footwear, specialty retailing and apparel) and early in his career, Mr. Allen was with Hans Schwartzkopf GmbH (personal care products) and Liggett and Myers (liquors and tobacco).   Much of this experience has involved international businesses and he has lived and worked in Europe, South America and Japan.


Many of Robert’s client engagements have involved turnarounds and other high intervention situations in consumer products, health care, transportation, automotive, aerospace, retailing and basic industries.  His functional expertise spans the key functions of strategy, marketing and sales, operations, supply chain, sourcing, mergers and acquisitions.  He is also a recognized financial expert and has led the acquisition and integration of over 20 different companies.


He has been a Director of public companies for over 20 years and has served on the Audit Committees of four publically held companies, as well as having been Chairman of six Special Committees (Sale/Merger), three Compensation Committees, and one Governance and Nominating Committee.  He currently serves on the Board of Golfsmith International, a specialty retailer and J. Roberts and Son, a U.K. based manufacturer of luxury goods.


He is also a former board member of EDO Corporation, a U.S. defense contractor, Pioneer Companies, Inc., a manufacturer of Chlor Alkali and related products, BIC Corporation, an international consumer goods company, Goodwin Biotechnology, a manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and J. Rigby and Company, the predecessor company to J. Roberts and Son.

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