Financial Restructuring

Quest assists clients in turnaround situations by developing and implementing plans to restructure the Company's capital structure, negotiating with constituents including secured and unsecured creditors and arranging, where necessary, new credit facilities and equity sources of financing.

  • Reviewing indentures, credit agreements, lease financing agreements, inter-creditor agreements,  covenants, blocking rights and local insolvency laws


  • Developing strategies for negotiation in consultation with client's legal advisors


  • Developing market sense through conversations with distressed debt investors, banks and capital market analysts


  • Preparing or validating detailed cash flow forecasts


  • Identifying opportunities to improve cash flow from operations


  • Recommending action plans and negotiating strategy, including use of interest moratoriums, change of venue, transfer of assets, consents and waivers and other appropriate actions tailored to the case specifics


  • Leading negotiations to reach consensual agreements to restructure

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