Serving on Boards of Directors

(U.S., U.K. and EUROPE)

Quest professionals have extensive Board experience and frequently become board members and participate on committees to manage the turnaround process. We believe that effecting change at the top is required and we are willing and able to serve in these capacities in the US, U.K. and Europe. We are often invited to join boards by former and current clients in situations where companies require continued guidance and monitoring. Our restructuring and operating experience increases board effectiveness and helps protect and preserve shareholder interests in these situations.


In the U.K. and Europe, Quest has taken the lead, serving as Directors in troubled situations in which solvency laws can create personal liability where continued trading is permitted. We have found that in order to effect change it is necessary to step into the shoes of the officer or director in order to control appropriate corporate governance. In contrast, our competitors, only wish to advise and remain unwilling to assume operating positions. Willingness to serve rather than merely advise gives us the opportunity to effect change and maximize constituent recoveries.

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